Willow Smith – “21st Century Girl”

02.28.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

By now, we’re all probably in agreeance that “Whip My Hair” was an acceptable musical plateau on any standard, but the verdict on Willow Smith’s actual career is still a mixed bag of nuts and berries. Her response? How about becoming the official voice of the new generation by proclaiming herself as thee “21s Century Girl.”

You have to stop and think about what the Hollywood princess is actually saying. Many try to lay claims to the title of the leading starlet, yet Ms. (is she old enough for an honorific?) Smith never breathed a day of 1990s air and we have arrived to the day when those youngin’s are able to express themselves without any traces of babbling.

Kind of makes you feel old, don’t it? You can catch Lil Willow performing this for Queen Oprah tomorrow. Should be entertaining to say the least.

Willow Smith – “21st Century Girl”

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