XV – “#EndOfTheWorld”

01.03.12 6 years ago

More so than most artists currently grinding out their living via Hip-Hop, XV makes concept songs. It’s an aspect of his music that separates the Wichita rhymer from those MCs simply trying to show & prove their lyrical or monetary weight and also one that may hinder his mainstream acceptance going further. While tracks like “The Kick,” “27 Club” and now the Awesome-Sound-crafted “#EndOfTheWorld” are well-produced and filled with enough thought-provoking precision to entertain fans willing to register Vizzy’s specific message, the mental empowerment gained isn’t quite as rich as the braggadocio provided by the other 90% of rap and not as easily digestible.

But, for those of us who do appreciate entertainment value, well-executed themes and lines like “If you think rap is just drugs and gats, then you are dead wrong/ this is the paper my son’s college funds are made on,” this is just another quality cut from from someone who cares about his craft more than his wallet.

XV – “#EndOfTheWorld” (Prod. By The Awesome Sound)

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