XV Feat. Miami Horror – “Exchange Student”

04.01.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

It can be debated whether XV has been unjustly flying under people’s radars or gotten warranted recognition as an MC. He has attracted the appearances of Hip-Hop mainstays (such as the Re-Up Gang Pusha on the “Awesome” remix), but still fails to attract the same notoriety similar artists such as Wiz and Kid Cudi have been gifted over the past couple of years. For those still unfamiliar with the MC’s distinct brand of Hip-Hop, a newly released track, “Foreign Exchange Student,” should do plenty to shift attention.

The upbeat, dance-ready “Exchange Student” invokes narrative images that remind the listener of everyone from American Pie’s Jim’s infatuation with the gorgeous Nadia to Weezer’s River’s Cuomo’s nerdy observations of a woman’s musical tastes. It’s salient for any college-age kid to relate with the Street Fighter allusions and the humble attractiveness of a girl who prefers to rock Chucks. And, granted, it’s probably easier for Vizzy to pull in that desired foreign student than an actual 21-year-old’s broke ass, but the general listening public should take “Foreign Exchange Student” as its proper extension to the intercontinental dream woman.


XV Feat. Miami Horror – “Foreign Exchange Student”

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