NFL All Clear Bag Policy Leaves Many Fans In The Dark

08.09.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

As predicted, the new NFL “All Clear” bag and purse policy to “enhance public safety and improve stadium access for fans” hit a few snags last night as bag check lines were reportedly longer going into the first preseason games of the 2013 season and even lead to some fans being turned away at the gates in Atlanta. As the above video demonstrates, “improved access” means even longer lines even though most people with bags appear to be using the approved clear ones. While there was wasn’t a bombing or a mass shooting at any of the six games played on Thursday, correlation does not imply causation, so it’s hard to say if anyone was truly safer last night.

In Minnesota, Atlanta and San Francisco, stadiums set up temporary bag checks for fans unaware of the new policy.

While it was orderly for bag drop-offs in Atlanta, bag pick-up quickly got out of control after the game in San Francisco, leading security to just lift random bags in the air and ask exiting fans to claim them as they left the stadium.


If anyone wants to claim the new Gucci top handle calfskin tote with classic horsebit in begonia pink for me at any other games this weekend, please do. Probably around the suite entrance line would be the best place to find one.

(Hat tip, Busted Coverage.)

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