NFL Analyst Power Rankings (Official) #3-The Entire Cast of CBS NFL Sunday Analysts

05.24.13 4 years ago 44 Comments

I’m PFT Commenter and I’m counting down the 10 sharpest minds in the industry. Where will your favorite analyst or sports person land? (probably not high)

Ranked on: Infotainment value, being a pros pro and strength of takes

3. The Entire Cast of CBS NFL Sunday Analysts (Boomer Esiason, Shannon Dull, Bill Cowher, and Dan Marino.) “The Guys” is what I call ’em

Infotainment Value: 9 (Shannon Dull brings them down because of when he speaks)

Its appointment television if there ever was one. Alot of times I’ll DVR the entire pregame show and start watching about a hour before National Football League gametime, that way I dont have to miss a beat of the pregame stuff then when the games on I can fast forward through all the commercials and offensive possessions for RG3.

Im sorry but you cant help but laugh out loud how no matter what Shannon Sharp is talking about,, all that comes through the speakers is “Duh-buh-dub-dip-boo-dum-bon” so Cowhers very helpful and acts like a speak+spell (hes had to deal with communicating with Joey Porter so its not his first circus.)


Being a Pros Pro: 9 (sometimes they have to much fun with it)

Any time youve got a bunch of alphamales up on the same stage your going to be dealing with either a battle royale or basically a orgy with the production staff. I guarentee you the stuff that goes on there would make the Eagles lockeroom look like Church Sunday.

During alot of episodes you can see Marino w/ his eyes in the backfield of some young little thing walking around the set (give the guy a break its not like he has a ring on his finger folks). Honestly Im suprised there chairs are even able to roll across that floor without getting stuck like a tank in the mud after all the stuff that goes on after the lights go off.


Strength of takes: 8 (Marinos cant win the big one, Shannon has a girls name, and they just crack each other up to much)

Tuning in to two and a half hours of the CBS show just prior to a classic Jags/Titans 1PM kickoff is as close as you can get to heaven on earth. Anyone of these guys could easily be a standup comedian which makes for outstanding TV but they balance it well with giving each other good ribbings.

Just watch how bad Boomer EsiaSons Marino here:

That is a strongtake folks. If I was Dan I would of pulled the old fake spike and pretended to laugh it off then bought Boomers son a hooker with scabies or something.

Best Career Moment: Even though its the offseason I dont have time to go through all those hours of gamefilm to tell you the best rib-tickler Cowher laid down (calls em Chin music you have to imagine) or Jim Browns best calm transition away from a nother one of Sharpes racial jokes, but Id say its every month when the ratings come out and Marino brings out the champaign in true Dolphin championship style.


Total Score: 26 the funny thing is as individuals im not so sure that the some of there parts equals 26 points,,but when they come together they really come together folks

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