NFL Draft First Round Live Blog

04.25.13 4 years ago 3,092 Comments

We have a draft where everybody at the top wants to either trade down or grudgingly settle in with the conservative pick of an offensive lineman. While that means there’s far less star power than the first round of last year’s draft, it also means the top of the board is more wide open than it usually is, making for more entertaining uncertainty than most years.

Kind of have to feel for whichever tackle the Chiefs select. When a quarterback like Andrew Luck or RGIII is taken at the top, he’s immediately told he will be a franchise savior. Instead, (presumably) Eric Fisher gets the assignment of trying to keep Alex Smith in an upright position.

We’ll see how well ESPN and NFL Network stick to their guns about not tipping picks. There’s no way Chris Berman has the restraint to make it through the first round without revealing at least one. Meanwhile, for those who care little for surprise during the broadcast, Jason La Canfora is happy to take advantage of the situation by tipping picks on Twitter. As far as the live blog is concerned, feel free to blurt out information as you get it. We’re not gonna be dictated by the flow of a broadcast.

As far as Manto Te’o goes, I’m not entirely sure whether I want a team to draft him in the first round so I can laugh at the team or have Te’o fall out of the first round, so I can laugh at him. The more I think about it, I’m fine with him going in the first round because I think ultimately we’ll get more mileage laughing at whichever team blows a first on him compared to a couple days of laughing at Te’o and Peter King for him dropping into the second.

So let’s get this started. Where do you all see Curving Johnson going?

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