NFL Looking At Imposing A Racist Blood Rule

10.03.13 4 years ago 40 Comments


Thats right. The NFL is so upset over J.J. Clot’s demonstration of his high motor and untangibles that there considering banning all players who bleed during games. While this rule might be bad for Chicago since that type of bleeding makes any team more prone to bear attacks, it’s also incredibly racist against White people.

Anyone whose ever spent time round a gym will tell you that White people bleed easier then Blacks. Ever seen a Rocky movie? I rest my case.

Any new law would be discriminatory and run a fowl of the Civil Rights Act that protects the well established rights of Whites to look super cool and tough while playing a sport with lots of minorities.

While we’re at it singling out Whites (again) why not be smart with this new law? Lets point it at the players whore in “highrisk groups” to have HIV or sickle-cell?  And whose to stop Ndamukong Smh from bringing on of his razors from his buddys apartmetn onto the field just so he can slice Jay Cutler open sending him to the sidelines AND making him fail his next drug test folks?

Im not the only one folks,, my boys in the PFT comment section are giving there own civil rights takes on this one.


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