NFL Memes Co-Founder Assures Us That His Site’s Content Is Only A Little Plagiarized

02.21.14 4 years ago 398 Comments


Yesterday, we dedicated our “This Week in Fuck You” rant to the lazy, plagiarizing shitheads at the Twitter feed @NFL_Memes and its associated website, Daily Snark. Well, not surprisingly, the people behind NFL Memes weren’t super thrilled with what I had to say. In fact, a co-founder reached out to me on Twitter shortly after I published my post to clear the air.


At this point, I’d had enough of him issuing blanket denials for stealing content and trying to pass it off as his own, something his site had already admitted to before deleting the admission. So I tweeted at him a copy of an email sent to me by the publisher of ProFootballMock shortly after I posted the rant against NFL Memes yesterday. It seems he’s had quite a few negative experiences with NFL Memes as well.


So, presented with more claims of content theft, this time he actually acknowledges that he’s guilty but dismisses the validity of the charge because, well, it happened two years ago. “Sorry, brah, I sowed my plagiarizing oats but everyone knows I’m done with that now. You should totally trust that I’ve been completely ethical since.”

That’s me. Just another jealous h8r that’s been put in his place.

I’ve got several claims of plagiarism and content theft against NFL Memes, one of which a co-founder just admitted to (but it was forever ago, brah!), another of which he admitted to then retracted and removed his initial admission and probably more examples that no one even realizes. Because if you’ve been plagiarized by a group of popular hacks, the onus is on you to prove it or else you’re just a jealous hater. Our own David Rappoccio has described several instances where NFL Memes had taken his stuff without credit and he had to pester them multiple times even for so much as a mention.

So, once again, fuck these aggressively dickish content thieves. If we can even get some of their followers to realize what NFL Memes does and never bother with them again, it was all worth it.

UPDATE: It appears our friend at NFL Memes has deleted all his tweets to me from Thursday. Sound familiar? Anyway, the text of them still appear in this post. Here’s a screenshot of them on the site from earlier today.


And here’s a little more history on how NFL Memes shamelessly and repeatedly stole from ProFootballMock.

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