NFL Plays, Ranked

09.04.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

We have ONE MORE DAY until NFL season starts folks and I’m so juiced and jacked my neighbors already calling the cops on me for disturbing the peace/running ileagal daycares but I don’t care I’m a American and I’m “Ready for some football!” so I made you a definitive ranking of the best plays to watch on NFL Sundays feel free to argue although you probably wont have much to disagree with on any of my takes

1. Olineman catches a kickoff and does this-

2. Any play where your QB gets out there and throws a lead block-  When I say “I want my QB puttin a hat on a hat” I’m NOT talkin about RG3 tying some doo-rag on under his helmet, I’m talking about leading by example,,this play’ll get the guys going in the film room like Pee-Wee Herman folks

3. When Big Ben 3rd down quick kicks- Ben knows how to get out of a messy situation on his 3rd strike thats why he knocked it off with sexual assault and kidnapping after only a couple accusations

4. Playing through the “e” in whistle-

If you don’t like it don’t beat them. But wait your supposed to want to beat them,, what a mindgame…

5. Injuries- You should never root for injuries but its kind of fun you have to admit

6. WR on a out-pattern knocks over a cameraman helps them up graciously and learns a fast-fact about the guys family before returning to the huddle- After a NFL throw its great to see NFL calibar WRs being NFL calibar humans (I’ve discovered the liklihood of assisting camramen diminishes exponentially when the player has a number in the teens)

7. HB Counter- Slow to develop but as I always say the faster a LB is in the NFL= the faster hes out of position. This play capitalizes on feet-first players who lack groundspeed discipline

8. DT QB sack. BJ Raji sounds like a Kama Sutra position but the only thing coming hard here is A-Gap penetration

9. FB Dive- I like to say some RBs are “All-Stats” some are Allstotts, I know which one I want on MY team do YOU?

10. The Superbowl- Its for all the marbles people forget that

Last Place. Go-route TD- It’s a turnover you happen to get six points for. Takes literally NO time of the clock and gives the ball directly to the other teams QB in a QB driven-league

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