So Long, Scabs. Welcome Back, Slightly Less Terrible Refs

09.26.12 5 years ago 63 Comments

After a day full of reports that the two sides were quasi-close-ish to coming to a resolution, one has arrived, not just in time for the scabs to GTFO before this Sunday’s games, but also before Thursday night’s epic tilt between the Browns and the Ravens.

Even though Ed Hochuli has been running referee training camps to keep the troops ready for whenever they’d be sent back on the field, it’s inevitable that a horrible call will be made at some point between now and next Monday night. To which people will say, “hurrrrrrrr, I thought we got rid of the scabs. Why were we so angry?” Look, no one ever said the regular refs were great, but they had a baseline of competence that was appreciably higher than the scabs. Will the regular refs f*ck up? Undoubtedly so. But they’ll do it less often. And games won’t all have to go past the four-hour mark because of idiotic delays.

In many ways, it’s like the season finally started.

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