NFL Schedule Release Live Blog: Who gets Saturday Football Back?!?

04.23.14 3 years ago 259 Comments

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Somewhere along the line during the prolonged wait for the 2014 NFL schedule, it started to be a thing at the cool kids table to say they didn’t care about schedule release day. Zero fucks given. Too far away. There’s baseball and hockey and basketball and Champions League and episodes of “The Americans” to catch up on, DOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN’TTTTT CAAAAAAAAARRRRREEEEE about the NFL right now.

What a load of horse pucky.

Of course we all care about the NFL schedule being released tonight. Of  course we’re going to look and see who has the most Monday night games on the schedule, when our team has the bye week, who has more home games in December, who is playing on Thanksgiving, and god help us, does our favorite team appear on Thursday night schedule. And oh shit! Remember, we get Saturday games back this year! THAT IS MORE EXCITING THAN APRIL METS BASEBALL AND I DARE YOU TO PROVE ME OTHERWISE WHILE NAMING THE ENTIRE METS ROSTER.

This also means we’re that much closer to football. We’re a third of the way through the offseason. A whole third! It’s going to be summer soon and we’re going to look back and be happy we spent this evening combing through schedule figuring out which weekends we’re going to need extra booze and plane tickets ahead of time. Being a happy fan means being a prepared fan.

So go ahead, take to Twitter and tell us how much you don’t care about the NFL schedule release. Be sure to tell me how the back-to-back episodes of “Law & Order: SVU” and “Chicago: PD” were so much more interesting than planning a weekend around Bears-Packers or Seahawks-49ers when you update your Tumblr. Be sure to add this gif just for me:


We’ll be over here having fun.

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