The NFL Schedule Trolls The Jaguars

04.24.14 3 years ago 51 Comments


One thing you may not have noticed about the NFL schedule release: each week of the schedule posted on the NFL’s website comes with a description of what the league thinks will be the narrative of that week. It should be fun to see if what they think will be a big deal in April will still be the case when that week comes around. For example, Week 12 is McCown Returns to Face The Bears!

For Week 10, however, the NFL got all sloppy and trolly. After showcasing the scheduled game between the Saints and 49ers, the blurb goes on to sell the game in London between the Jaguars and Cowboys. is right to describe it as the final London game of the 2014 season, however, saying its the first of the annual games that the Jaguars are playing there is incorrect, as the Jags played in London in 2013.

A relatively small factual error is one thing, but then the blurb follows it up with a winking joke about how the London Jaguars sounds like it could be a thing. You’d be forgiven for assuming that last bit was a last-second inclusion from Roger Goodell, whose pipe dream is establishing a permanent NFL base in Britain, no matter how inconvenient go league operations or alienating to fans.

Naturally, Jacksonville fans are none too pleased. I mean, c’mon, if you’re going to troll anyone in that game, let it be Cowboys fans.


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