Heard Nia Long Is In The Building…

08.11.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

Somewhere, Ghostface is having a joygasm.

I’ve always wondered what his fascination with Nia Long was early in his career. He mentioned her in “MGM” I believe from Wu-Tang Forever, “The Hilton” from Bulletproof Wallets and one other song that slips my mind (free thumbs up if you know what song this is). I always wondered where that came from. But he must have known something that the rest of us (with the exception of one William Smith of Bel-Air) because great googly godfried Nia’s got some yams.

While the whole PETA thing seems to be for those that hit fell on their heads at a very young age. But I’ll sign any petition they want me to if they start cranking out some more caramel delectables in these photos. Dammit. I think I’ve fallen for what the kids call “scam marketing.” Meh. I’m killing kittens. So it’s counterproductive.

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