Owen Wilson Balls Even Harder In The Other ‘Ni**as In Midnight In Paris’ Mashup

02.21.12 6 years ago

Just a week ago I was giving YouTube editor CrawlBeforeYouBall all sorts of love for finally mashing together Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris with Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Ni**as in Paris.” I may have shot my wad Fünke-style early though, because as our friend Endswell at High Definite put it: “CrawlBeforeYouBall did it first. 2509 Films does it better.”

So yeah, sometimes it takes a subject matter mashup comparison to realize when one thing is done well and when another thing attended Balls So Hard University. This new attempt by 2509 films not only takes the editing to next level with audio cuts, synching up the bass lines, and by mimicking the actual “Ni**as in Paris” video with visual effects at the end, it also delivers a new level of symmetry between the lyrics and footage from the movie. Timing shots of the female leads with Kanye’s “fish filet” and “Mary Kate & Ashley” lines in particular do if for me.

I’ll still take Corey Stoll’s Hemingway over Adrien Brody’s Dali, but there’s no denying it segues into the Rhinoceros kaleidoscope thing quite well. Moral of the story though: I have a new found appreciation for Owen Wilson’s swag level thanks not at all to him but entirely to video editors on YouTube. Bravo internet.

Video with NSFW audio after the jump.

Also, relevant:

2509 Films via High Definite. Hiddleston’s Fitzgerald via.

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