Nic Cage On His Internet Popularity: ‘I Don’t Know Why It Is Happening…I’m Not Even A Computer Guy’

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Lord knows we’ve devoted a lot of posts to documenting the internet’s obsession with Nic Cage. It’s legendary, at this point. I mean, next to cats and porn there arguably isn’t anything the internet loves more than Nic Cage.

Still, I can’t really recall a time where Cage acknowledged it and/or expressed feelings about it in an interview. But in a big feature the Guardian posted online over the weekend, the subject came up, and though our hero is baffled, he’s rolling with it.

Reports the Guardian:

“Oh my god. I just can’t keep up with that stuff,” he says. “The internet has developed this thing about me – and I’m not even a computer guy, you know? I don’t know why it is happening. I’m trying not to… lemme say this: I’m now of the mindset that, when in Rome, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Most of it seems affectionate, I suggest.

“Well,” a sudden, sardonic smile, “it is, but with enormous amounts of irony. Affection loaded with irony.”

I can’t stop giggling over “I’m not even a computer guy,” as if the fact that he’s not on the internet would prevent the internet from obsessing over him or something.

Internet obsession talk aside, Cage also insisted in the interview that he is just wildly misunderstood…

Cage is methodical in rebutting preconceived notions about himself. “There is a misperception, if you will, in critical response or even in Hollywood, that I can only do exaggerated characters. Or what they would call over-the-top performances.” He pauses, as if issuing an historic statement from the podium: “Well, this is completely false.”

And: “Another misconception about me is that I just do movies for pay cheques.”

And: “That I’m obsessed with comics.”

And: “The other big misconception, which needs to be cleared up in my opinion, is video on demand.” (His new movie, The Frozen Ground, has a limited cinema release and will be available on demand, which, given the demand for on demand, Cage wishes critics would stop using as shorthand for failure.)

Also, his reputation for excess. “For a while there, it was the three Cs; castles, comic books and cars.” He gives me a doleful look. “I just can’t get that stuff off of me.”

Oh, Nic, you’re a gloriously weird f*ck. Just own it.



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