Nice One Nature — Evil Pirate Bees Conquer The Hives Of Other Bees From Within

09.04.12 5 years ago

I like bees. They’re yellow! They’re fuzzy! They make delicious honey! Bees are great! Well, most bees. Some bees, like the recently discovered Cuckoo Bee, aren’t so nice. In fact these guys are downright evil.

The Cuckoo Bee is a grubby pirate that stealthily lays its eggs in the hives of other bees. When these eggs hatch the young Cuckoo Bees immediately get down to the task of murdering all host hive’s young. Eventually the hive is conquered from within and the Cuckoo bees lay around lazily munching on the honey the other bees produced. When the pantry is empty, instead of making more honey of their own they just fly off to infiltrate another honest hive. What a bunch of little turds.

By the way, these guys are named Cuckoo Bees, because cuckoos (you know, those cute little birds that come out of clocks) are quite the assholes in their own right. They lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. When that baby cuckoo hatches it does its best to steal every bit of food it can from the other baby birds. Usually the cuckoo baby is the only survivor.

So yeah, nature is cruel. Thankfully these dastardly Cuckoo Bees can only be found on the isolated Cape Verde islands. For now.

via Geekosystem

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