Nick Offerman Discusses Fine Woodworking, How He Was Living In A Basement When He Met His Wife With Letterman


Our main man Nick Offerman was on Letterman last night, and while he didn’t discuss the high school yearbook photos of him that hit the web yesterday, sadly, he did display some of his Ron Swanson-ness when he discussed his passion for fine woodworking, specifically canoe-making. Dave was so enamored by Offerman’s handmade canoes, if fact, that he expressed interest in having Offerman custom build one for him.

“I could put one of those in your pond for $18.5,” Offerman said when Letterman asked him to name his price.

Another amusing aside from the appearance was when Dave asked Offerman how he met his wife, actress Megan Mullally.

“We met doing a play at a little theater in Los Angeles…she was two years into Will & Grace and everybody was really intimidated because she was a big star, but I was living in someone’s basement and I didn’t have a television, so I didn’t know any better and I went up to her and said, ‘Hi how ya doing? You’re really funny’…I had no idea what a devastating effect that would have on her.”

Awesome. The woodworking exchange is embedded after the jump, and Offerman’s anecdote about the courtship of his wife is below it.


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