Coming Attractions: Nike Air Max Lunar1 ‘OG’

06.06.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Nike sure is going hard with the revamping of iconic running kicks. The newest change up thrown our way is the Nike Air Max Lunar1, which is only fitting considering the AM 1 is Nike’s most recognizable retro runner. I had a sneaking suspicion that Lunarlon was going to make its way onto these after the Lunar90s dropped and my hunch was right. Turns out they dropped on the Nike site a few days ago without so much as a tweet, and just like that… They were gone. Kaiser Soze style.

The good news is that these shoes get a worldwide release some time in July for those without that Skynet Internet connection. The changes from the original will be most noticeable on foot, with Nike focusing on comfort and breathability. I really hope the white area on the sole is rubber instead of an extension of Lunarlon though. If I’m paying a premium for another interpretation of one of my favorite Nikes, I’d at least like a longer shelf life to go with it. These are definitely a pair that I’ll have to check out in person before pulling the trigger. But with how fast they sold out online, I might not get that chance.

The Nike Air Max Lunar1 ‘OG’ releases worldwide in July for $135.

Nike Air Max Lunar1 2

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