On ‘Safari’ Hunts, Selflessness + Paying It Forward

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
10.19.13 14 Comments

Nike Trainer 1 Safari profile

The guys in Complex’s sneakers department asked me and several others to share our “Craziest Sneaker Pickups.” Unfortunately, I don’t have a single loony campout tale or ones that involve fighting a swarm of crowds to grab a pair of kicks. Never paid an enormous amount of bread, skipped meals or slick-talked my granny out of the last $50 needed to cop either. At least, not that I can remember.

Instead, I focused on a story I meant to write here but never really found the time or space for it. One that helped change my whole perception of how I could help and influence others. It involves a ‘Safari’ hunt (weak, but accurate pun), a random stranger who became a friend, his act of selflessness and the lessons learned. Figuring crazy could mean abnormal, the fact that some guy out there on the Internuts wanted to step forward and make sure the Safaris were mine wasn’t normal enough for inclusion.

Anyways, enough setup. Click here to read the full account then come back and share your thoughts or your own tales. And thanks to Brando, Kustoo, and Nick at Complex for allowing me to share.

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