Nike Still Loves LeBron James

10.25.10 7 years ago 30 Comments

I’m asking for a pass because there will be a surplus of NBA posts this week

The NBA season kicks off in a matter of hours and depending whether the Cowboys can limit themselves to under 35 penalties tonight, I may be 100% invested in hoops come this time tomorrow. Not to be lost in their well-deserved Kevin Durant hoopla this summer, Nike hasn’t forgotten about their reigning cash cow LeBron James.

When it comes to the present day and the former Godfather of Cleveland, his experiences in Miami rank as the season’s #1 storyline. Fans want to see him succeed. Those who believe he’s nothing more than a supremely athletic diva envision failing as the only option. Knowing all this, LeBron and Nike unleashed a 90-second commercial pondering all the questions and criticisms heaved his direction since July 8th – including those from Sir Charles Barkley with a reenactment of his legendary ad. The inspiration derives from Maya Angelou’s iconic “Still I Rise” and is one Ohio’s shunned son probably turned to for solace frequently. LeBron appears happy, even if the rest of the world views the glass half-empty.

Again, fans – i.e. myself – will love it and naysayers won’t see the hype, but the most anticipated season in the NBA since 1996 just got a tad more spicy. The sports equilibrium at its finest.

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