Kanye West Has No Clue WTF Kobe Bryant Is Talking About

01.29.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

Let me be the one to start (or join in on) the slow clap for Nike Basketball’s #KobeSystem campaign. In their newest clip, the multi-billion dollar company did the impossible by once again cramming two of pop culture’s biggest egos into a 30 second clip, Kobe Bryant and Kanye West. Yeezy takes his opportunity to go one-on-one with Bean by asking a series of questions on how to improve his already legendary portfolio. The answers? Well, let’s just say Kanye gets a bit flustered as Level 6’s “Beastion” really has no true meaning. The hurt on the guy’s face is evident as he damn near breaks into tears for what results in the best installment thus far from the series. And that’s saying something, because they’ve all been pretty damn good.

And while we’re here, study Level 7: “Success At Success,” which centers around do-it-all billionaire, Richard Branson.

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