The Details: Nike SB x Jordan 1 ‘Black/Silver’

03.21.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Nike SB x Jordan 1 1

Words By Retro Boogie

After Nike SB dropped pack after pack inspired by Jordans, fans of both brands finally get a collaboration, and it did not disappoint. Got my own pair of Nike SB x Jordan 1s in today, thanks to my mans Dirk_DiggahoE. Otherwise I would have whiffed on a pair and spent my Saturday being rather incorrigible.

The Jordan 1s arrived in a Nike SB box and upon rocking them, they fit close to the recent Jordan 1s so no surprises there. The toebox looks really crease prone but as long as I don’t get 30 creases per shoe, I’m good. Shoes were meant to be worn after all. The chroma colored green hue on the shoe really pops in the sunlight and looks even better than in pictures. I’m going to attempt to swap the insoles for the Zoom Air joints to complete the SB hybridization, which I would have gladly paid extra for if Jordan threw some in there. Still wondering why it wasn’t added to the design of the shoe but I still plan on rocking the hell out of them.

Just don’t expect your boy Boogie doing anything other than striking a b-boy pose in these.

Nike SB x Jordan 1 2

Nike SB x Jordan 1 3

Nike SB x Jordan 1 5

Nike SB x Jordan 1 4

Nike SB x Jordan 1 6

Nike SB x Jordan 1 9

Nike SB x Jordan 1 8

Nike SB x Jordan 1 7

Nike SB x Jordan 1 10

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