Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jackets

03.22.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

While I was away and busy the past few days, two great packages came in that I never got around to sharing. Nike Sportswear’s Destroyer wool and a version from the Athletics West with the Greek-inspired “Efficiens Non Decorus” motif, which happens to be one of my favorite lines from recent months. The wool joint comes from our gathering in December where we were allowed to ID coats and our sneakers on the spot. Marcus and others had theirs customized but I decided to leave mine very understated in its original form, the neon zipper and detailing being more than enough to suit my needs.

I hear it snowed on the east coast so maybe pack one when I go to Jersey this weekend. Even if I won’t have many opportunities to rock the jackets now, the minimalist style means they’ll still be fresh whenever the seasons do decide to turn cold again.

Nike Destroyer jackets are available at Nike retail stores and

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