#SUMMERISSERIOUS: Nike Basketball Gives Ballers A Shot To Get Drafted By Kevin Durant, James Harden

07.10.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Summer Is Serious - Nike Basketball

Did Nike Basketball just make a video companion piece to our “10 Pickup Players You Never Want To See”?

Yes and no.

Yes, because their new viral video taps into what summer means hoops for gymrats, blacktop all-stars and the variety of stereotypical characters who flock to courts across the country. “The Hot Dog,” “The Over-Dribbler,” “The Ball Hawk” and more make appearances.

But, no, their mission is larger. The Swoosh is on the hunt for ballers who could potentially be drafted by Kevin Durant or James Harden to participate in the Tournament of Champions in New York City.

The player search extends from July 9 to August 2 across the various social media networks and those who make the cut could be drafted by KD or Harden on August 13 to play at the big game on August 16.

Watch the clips below and, for official rules and details, check out SummerIsSerious.com.

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