Onward to Brazil! Nike Unveils United States World Cup Jersey

03.03.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Let’s buck all the snark that’s floating around the Internet this morning in regards to the United States’ 2014 Nike World Cup jersey. Because, guys and gals, it’s really not THAT bad.

The shirt–like Nike’s other national team offerings for this June’s event–is simple. Almost all-white, its Johnny collar and sleeves come ringed in red, while faint bands circle the torso horizontally. The Nike logo and U.S.S.F. crest are blown up on the right and left pecs, respectively.

Yes, it looks like a golf shirt. Yes, you could say it’s very dad-like. And yeah, it would’ve so f*cking cool if Nike had kept the red-and-white-striped design from the last few years.

But this year’s jersey is still completely wearable, and probably looks more like an actual shirt (and not a jersey) than previous United States Men’s National Team offerings. That’s a good thing! As we’ve said previously, that’s the beauty of soccer shirts: they’re multi-purposeful. They also shouldn’t be these gaudy, technologically cumming contraptions that have all these little bells and whistles splattered all over them.

Remember what your high school English teacher always said: keep it simple, stupid.

Pre-order your jersey at the United States Soccer Federation’s online store. The replica kits start at $89.99.

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