No One Cares About Your Long-Suffering Fanbases

01.24.10 8 years ago 30 Comments

Sorry Drew. As a Vikings fan, you’ve been dealt more than your share of crushing defeats (and served more than your share of cake). I’d like for you to get to see your team win a title at some point. This is not that point in time. You’re on the side of Favre, so I wish you nothing but dejection and despair on this day. AND YOU RUINED THE “PANTS ON THE GROUND” GUY FOR US!

Conversely, Cajun Boy tries his hardest with treacly pap to make us hate New Orleans, but it’s a futile effort – we cannot.

The Saints have Breesus and they’re so cute with their history of complete irrelevance. Some sort of disaster might have also befallen their city in the recent past. All this is enough to make me ignore “Who Dat”. Okay, maybe not, but it’s still enough make them easily preferable to the alternative. I don’t care if a decent percentage of their fans are swamp rat rubes. I don’t care if Jeremy Shockey scores four TDs and celebrates each one with crotch chops and shockers. I’ll douche it up right along with him. Anything but Brittfar.

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