The Who Dat Nation Is A Peaceful One

01.26.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Dear future wife,

On our wedding night. Or the day our firstborn is…well…born. Or after you give me my first Double Kangaroo Sloppy Pocky, I will gaze lovingly into your eyes and tell you that day is the greatest day of my life.

It will be a lie.

January 24, 2010 will probably forever be the greatest day of my life. We all know the story. Saints beat the Vikings in an exhilarating game that sent the Who Dat Nation to the Super Bowl.

I decided to take a trip down to N’awlins to be a part of the craziness. Though I didn’t have tickets to the game, I went to Harrah’s Casino to watch with a few hundred crazy, drunk, rabid fans waiting to get over 40 years of bad history off of our chests. As soon as the game-winning field-goal went through the uprights, the city almost literally exploded. Of course, I partook in the celebrations and witnessed a few things that make New Orleans the greatest city in the galaxy:

1) Beads: Ok, beads are normal. They’re a part of New Orleans and kind of trite at this point. But here’s the beautiful part of last night: I got beads thrown at me. By strippers. I just walked by and got beads thrown at me by half-naked women. This is what the forefathers imagined when they fought for our independence. Unrelated: I woke up with a rash on my neck. Any clue where that could come from?

2) The Song: Immediately after the game was over, the casino DJ played “Black & Gold (Who Dat)” and “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Pretty standard fare. But the third song, the unofficial New Orleans anthem, was “Back Dat Azz Up.” Old white women were jumping on tables and shaking it and singing “beat tha dick like a drumma chick.” Imagine if the Vikes had won and Prince’s song played? Not exactly party-inspiring.

3) Where’s the Violence?: Isn’t New Orleans supposed to be violent? Isn’t this a city full of post-hurricane looters? 71,000 fans stampeded out of the Superdome to join the thousands in bars and Bourbon Street. I can attest, 99.9 percent of those people were wasted. Yet, according to the local police department, there was not a single violent incident before, during or after the game. Eff turning over cars and burning things, we’ve had enough damage in the city.

While the Super Bowl host city is usually the spot to be on game day, I’m going to be in New Orleans for the biggest party the city has ever seen since yesterday.

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