Nobody Puts Nao Robot In A Corner

06.23.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Nothing boils my blood more than filthy bearded terrorists stereotyping and that is why I’m here today defending the rights of Aldebaran Robotics’ product: the Nao robot. Just because these little guys are advanced enough to interact with their surroundings and respond to the human touch, doesn’t mean that we should just automatically assume they’re heartless droids. Because what hides beneath the chest plate of each and every Nao robot is the HEART OF A DANCER! All they want to do is dance, dad. And no, that doesn’t make them gay.

Below we’ve got a video featuring 20 of the gifted Nao robots all gyrating in unison at a recent robot exhibition. The dance is nearly 9-minutes long and, to be honest, these robots aren’t too bad when it comes to choreography. I mean, I realize that I don’t exactly have an academic background in dance per se, but I don’t think that should necessarily null and void my eye for picking grade-A talent. You are, after all, talking to the same guy who booked that drunk magician for Mike Bergstein’s bar mitzvah. Yup, I’m that guy.

*flips out switchblade comb*

Crotch thrust to engadget for the tip.

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