Nobody Wants To Live In A World Without Cheerleaders

09.03.09 8 years ago 35 Comments

The Washington Redskins proudly boast one of the most visually appealing cheerleading squads in all of football, and as you can see they’re already in mid-season form. The squad has no shortage of uniform options, so head over to Ultimate Cheerleaders, look around, and vote for your favorite look (via Mr. I).

Elsewhere in the world of cheer, The League over at WaPo asks the (ridiculous) question “Should the NFL Get Rid of Cheerleaders?” Fortunately most of the panelists responded with an adamant “no”, including such notables as Dan Levy and the chick in our fantasy league who drafted Eli Manning three rounds too early.

Enjoy this bit of early sexiness, and brace yourselves for another fantastic Mailbag from the esteemed Mr. Ufford.

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