North Jersey vs. South Jersey. WHO YA GOT?

12.13.09 8 years ago 38 Comments

Call it East Coast Bias, call it a predilection to avoid games that don’t matter, but it’s probably best for us to live blog a game with actual playoff implications rather than Monday night’s affair where THIS GUY gets to clinch the NFC West crown over THAT GUY. Instead, teams named from cities in New York and Pennsylvania with fanbases largely residing in the Dirty Jerz (F*ck off, Giants fans who try to claim the Jets are the trashy team with exclusively Jersey roots) do battle to take a division title that Dallas aggressively wants to forfeit.

Speaking of Jersey, while MTV might be backing off airing the now infamous Jersey Shore bar punch, we’ll gladly supply you with the footage.


[Note: The Mannings image on the live blog template is included because Peyton, Eli and Cooper are guest starring on The Simpsons this evening. I could have a bit part in an episode and I still wouldn’t want to watch that garbage. What’s amusing about that Simpsons book that came out recently is that they maybe found one person involved that doesn’t admit that the show sucks now. But I still have to know what’s with the green jersey on Cooper? Are they saying he was destined for the Jets?]

[Follow-up note: According to a commenter, “the green jersey on Cooper Manning was his high school colors at Isadore Newman in New Orleans.” Thank you, New Orleans high school football mavens.]

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