Norwegian Security Drone Lives In A Mailbox

Entertainment Editor
08.18.10 3 Comments

The new ScanCam from Scandicraft is the cutting edge of semi-autonomous quadrocopter security system solutions. They didn’t pay me to say that, but I am completely terrified of this thing.  Please don’t hurt me, ScanCam. I’ll call you the greatest.  I’ll sing the praises of your “autonomous response to security breaches” and your built-in cameras that are totally helpful and not at all terrifying.  Oh god, I hear buzzing.

The quadrotors can launch, recover, and recharge themselves at their huts (or “hangars” I guess), and when it snows (which I hear it doesn’t do once or twice a year), the bots can stay snug at home, enjoying their stylish furnishings which you can find at your friendly neighborhood IKEA as part of the new Röböüüüt collection. [BotJunkie via MAKE]

You can watch the ScanCam being totally adorable while not at all plotting to turn against its masters (please don’t kill me) in the video below.  This doesn’t have much in the way of audio, so I added a second video you can play for the background music.  It seemed apt.

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