Notable Quotable – Jon Connor On “Don’t Wanna Be”

07.11.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

“Let’s get it clear we are all one
This word ‘nigga’ tell me this what’s worse: being one or being called one
Cause if you one, then we all one
Cause other races gon’ judge me on the last time they saw one
Go grab a mic or a ball son
How fuckin’ backwards is that?
Do you know the odds to make it in rap?
And your chance to make it in hoopin’ is even slimmer than that
If you can’t do one of the two, you’re only option’s to shoot
When the niggas you look up to on the block is not in a suit
When they glorifying the rocks that they got the cops in pursuit
When one of your niggas die, you don’t cry and you just salute
Like if death is a badge of honor until death come looking for you
Reality shows got girls thinking acting ratchet is cute
When in fact this bitch is an actress, the actual fool is you
And we always wanna argue, fussing, fighting and cuss
‘Fore we point the finger at them, let’s point one at us
What we wanna be?”

Jon Connor’s final verse on the Brix-produced “Don’t Wanna Be” was more of a public service announcement than anything else. Tapping into the hypocrisy of a society and culture which breeds more adoration for ignorance than actual hard work, Connor may have symbolized his own place in the rap game. Found on the appropriately titled forthcoming project, While You Were Sleepin’, “Don’t Wanna Be” is Connor at his most authentic, most transparent and, at least in his final verse, most desperate state. Continue to sleep if you please. Just don’t be the one running around complaining there’s a lack of artists who take their craft seriously.

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