Notable Quotable – Lloyd Banks On “Flatline”

02.18.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

“Two G’s on my new sleeves
Big percent of the new breed
Smell like money and blue cheese
Stealth bomb on my true steez
Feel the Malibu breeze
Bad bitches and cool Keys
Way to cool to be boo’ed up, Louie’d down to the shoestrings
One of the very few kings, the Smith & Wesson brothers, no telling what attitudes bring
30k on my mood ring
Dirty play how we do things
Burn your way with the blue flame
True train on your boo lane?????
Who scared the crazy out ‘cha
You sane
It’s getting easier
Birdie flipped to the media
Money’s the only medicine, let us in or we leavin’ ya
Lost homies to ballin’, I’m shittin’ on ya for all ’em
Been to hell and back up, strapped up, now he’s your warning
Money change weather, big bills make it feel like it’s pouring
Thunder and hail storming on ’em first thing in the morning
More than likely, hell or icy
Hot shit for niggas that want to knife me, try and strike me
Blown right off your Nikes
Poverty don’t play games
No bully, just bang bang
Queens to Philly, the same thang
Keep your milli or maintain
Shit, not in my character
Huh, wonderful marriage, I’m hooked
But I ain’t made at cha, look, finally established a
Took what I needed, fuck playing it by the book I’m speedin’
Chuck beat it, exotic weed and hollow-heated
You can keep the luck, my heart don’t need it
Made it out the bottom, hardest part completed
Shoes, cars, odds and evens


Young Chris Feat. Lloyd Banks – “Flatline” (Prod. By Cardiak)

Young Chris had the electrocardiogram sputtering off the strength of his intro, but Blue Hef Banks came through with the touch of death to put the final etching on the track’s tombstone. Continuing his hunger strike from the past months, Lloyd is a rabid pit bull and mics are medium rare slabs of meat these days.

Put two-and-two together.

Like Red & Meth did for Dana Stinson on “Da Rockwilder,” this could become a signature hit for frequent Banks collaborator Cardiak, should they choose to release it on airwaves.

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