And Now Another Week Of Manning-Brady Hype

01.12.14 4 years ago 143 Comments


The legend of the bolo tie/Eagles home opener opponent Super Bowl champion died a mostly feckless death in Denver, though the Chargers did much like the Saints on Saturday – look completely lifeless on offense for three quarters then suddenly show just enough competence to tease us into thinking they could pull off an incredible comeback.

A converted onside kick led to a field goal to get the Chargers within a touchdown with about four minutes to go. Then San Diego opted to kick it deep and give Peyton the ball. Pey-Pey did not succumb to narrative. No, he converted several third and longs, including a 3rd and 17 to a wide open Demaryius Julius Thomas on the sideline to clinch the victory. And now the NFL gets Manning-Brady and the most intense division rivalry going as its two conference title games next Sunday.

At least Philip Rivers left us with one last memorable GIF, his transformation into Reverse Batman.


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