Now Geno Smith Is A Phone-Distracted Glory Boy

05.02.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

It’s several months until Geno Smith will even take his first snap in the NFL and he’s already become one of the more criticized quarterbacks in the league. Prior to the draft, there was a notably nasty scouting report about the Jets’ second-round pick. Media trolls dogged Geno for initially not wanting to attend the second day of the draft after he wasn’t picked in the first round. Talking heads have bashed his body language as he sat around unpicked in the green room throughout the first round. And now that he has fired his agent, those same people have pronounced him immature and practically begging to be a bust.

Just wait until they see the reports that Geno was playing around on his phone during pre-draft meetings.

Two sources indicated that when Smith went on some visits to teams, rather than interact with coaches and front-office people, he would spend much of his time on his cell phone. Instead of being engaged with team officials, he would be texting friends or reading Twitter or a number of other distracting activities.

“All these other players who were in there were talking to the coaches, trying to get to know people and he was over there by himself,” one of the sources said. “That’s not what you want out of your quarterback.”

Both sources indicated that Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, who was selected ahead of Smith at No. 16 overall by Buffalo, was far more impressive in terms of his personality and maturity.

I’m sure, to some extent, some of this stuff is accurate and perhaps discouraging. At this point, however, it just seems like the media is piling on this kid because the blood is in the water. But if playing around on your phone during meetings is an indicator of incurable aloofness, we’re probably all guilty of that.

Geno is far from the best quarterback prospect ever and he’s not exactly going to a great situation to excel immediately with the Jets, but it would be hilarious to see him do well just to show this process once again just how inane it is.

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