Now’s Your Chance To Be A Tampa Defensive Coach

10.18.13 4 years ago 29 Comments

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In case you thought Greg Schiano is the only abrasive blowhard on the Buccaneers’ coaching staff, here’s defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan reacting to criticism that, among other things, he’s using Darrelle Revis wrong by telling fans that if they think they can do better, they should just come on down and put their money where their mouth is.

“What I want to invite them to do is join us. I get here about 5:20 [a.m.] every single morning, and they’re more than welcome to hang around here until about 11:00 [p.m.] for the first four nights of the week and they can help us put the whole gameplan together.”

“We’ve got all the free cokes you want in the building and we’ll be happy to take those suggestions on how we can better use Darrelle. Trust me when I tell you we painstakingly gameplan how best to use all of our personnel not just Darrelle.”

If I were in Tampa area, I would totally take him up on this and I don’t even care about improving the Bucs’ defense. Free cokes! You’re not gonna get that kind of deal just anywhere.

Also, I bet Bucs defensive gameplan meetings consist of the rest of the coaches on staff desperately trying to dissuade Greg Schiano from using the “blitz the victory formation” play on every down.

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