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05.10.12 6 years ago 36 Comments

Some are claiming that this ultimate grab is more impressive than any football catch ever. It’s a hell of a snag, to be sure, but last I checked, a football is quite a bit more difficult of a shape to catch than a disc and, unless it’s being hurled by Philip Rivers, a football also won’t remain suspended in the air for 38 seconds for a receiver to run under it. So suck it, hippies playing ultimate in the quad. This ends KSK’s ultimate frisbee beat for most likely forever.

– Tim Tebow said that he’s changing the name of his two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback from “Bronco” to “Bronx”, because confusing the sh*t out of your pets is the Christian thing to do. If I see a headline about this to the effect of “A Bronx Tail”, well, it’ll probably only be the third or fourth trollingest thing related to Tebow today.

– HBO said it would like to have a team in place for this year’s installment of “Hard Knocks” by the end of the month. The Jets are reportedly still in the running. But what of the Texans and their righteous campaign for acknowledgment? PK must know!

Scab officials! The NFL is looking for replacement referees in case the labor standoff between the league and the referees union isn’t resolved by the beginning of the season. Can’t imagine they could be much worse than the current crop of refs. Either way, let’s get Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves working on the movie adaptation right away.

An RGIII painting replete with biblical references, a member of Night’s Watch from “Game of Thrones” and what appears to be Dr. Manhattan. I will say I’m impressed with RGIII’s form when racing across the hood of a taxi. Should suit him well in the years to come.

– A contestant on “Teen Jeopardy” misidentified a photo of Eli Manning as Aaron Rodgers. Not numbell one smaltest contestant! Anyway, I know it’s hard to imagine that a kid who appears on “Teen Jeopardy” might not be incredibly well-versed in prominent sports figures, but it’s true.

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