Obligatory Hate For Seahawks Fans – You Guys Cheated With Incompetence!

09.25.12 5 years ago 98 Comments

Some Seahawks fans are deliriously happy about their team’s ill-gotten victory. I don’t object to people being pleased that a scab error broke in their favor. But the local news getting a Seabag to exclaim that the scab refs are great and should stay just because they wrongly gave Seattle a win? Oh no. That won’t do at all.

Anyway, thanks in advance for finally shutting up about Super Bowl XL after six years. Oh dear, was there a kinda ticky tack offensive pass interference penalty? Did Matt Hasselbeck receive a bad clipping call after throwing an interception late in the second half while losing? Post-turnover fouls are so much worse than getting away with a bunch of holding calls on a final drive then being awarded a touchdown your player has absolutely no right to. Yeah, yeah, “that was a Super Bowl! This was just a Week 3 game!” Whatever. The point is, you don’t get to play the put-upon little victims of the NFL anymore. Your days of endless bitching are over.

And you clearly robbed Packers fans of the use of their sleeves. For shame.

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