OchoMinko To Open Nudist Colony On Revis Island

11.25.10 7 years ago 51 Comments

Pfft, whatevs, Ocho. Tony Gonzalez already did the pose semi-nude for PETA thing. And he doesn’t even eat McDonald’s for every other meal. More vegan than you!

Last season, the Jets beat the Bengals badly twice in two weeks, once when the Bengals weren’t trying and once in the playoffs when the Bengals were barely trying. This time around, it’s not quite as important, what with Cincy being more like the Cincy of old this season. The main manufactured drama of the week has been Darrelle Revis calling Terrell Owens a slouch, which is something that Revis seems to do with a receiver every other week.

And I wouldn’t blame anyone for skipping the live broadcast and waiting it out for Saturday when NFL Network is rebroadcasting the game sans its horrible announcing team and using audio from 15 miked-up players and coaches instead. Ooh, that means a steady stream of Rex Ryan commentary. It’s like a bonus episode of Hard Knocks. Sign me up.

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