Odd Future – “Sandwiches” Live On Jimmy Fallon

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.17.11 68 Comments

— Supreme’s upcoming spring line will be increasingly more difficult to obtain. Yes, more than usual. There’s a sweatshirt I want too.

— ?uesto obviously did not warn Fallon of last night’s music act, Odd Future. The other guests weren’t given a heads up either. Whoever the chick is, she probably had to smoke something to take the edge off afterwards. The Black dude looks like he reluctantly cheered for fear of being assailed if he didn’t.

— Today I’m going to wear my Cool Grey LBJ V/2’s. Random? Yes, but what does that matter when we’re discussing Odd Future. They’re random, so I take liberties too.

— Hodgy looks like Senor Kaos younger brother by a different daddy.

— Even though I was teary-eyed by the 2:40 mark, I still shall not partake of the Kool-Aid, at least not musically. Entertaining & humorous? Oh fxck yeah. Talk about them? Sure, why not? After last week’s post, I’ve had countless people contacting me, under the assumption that I don’t like OFW. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m more disappointed in the lack of equal coverage and support for other deserving acts.

But I’ll bet $5 that somewhere Big Daddy Kane has to be wondering where it all went astray.

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