Of Course Detox Isn’t Coming Out On 4/20…Or Any Day For That Matter

01.18.11 7 years ago 31 Comments

There’s only a handful of reasons why Just Blaze would be hanging out with Dr. Dre in Twenty Eleven, and outside of spotting his bench presses and button mashing on the PS3, the logical guess would be something Detox-related. And since Justo finally made good on his never ending promise in releasing a mythical album, The Good Doc figured he’d stake a piece of claim in buying the Brooklyn Bridge and announce a date for his 3 ½ studio release.

April 20th.

How appropriate. How obvious. How cliché, Dre.

Naturally, smoke doesn’t linger around mirrors for long and his rep immediately squashed circulation of the proclamation before most had even seen the video below. Maybe Dre was in need of detoxin’ himself and got caught up in the moment of his high. Regardless, it’s just another “SMH” moment for an album that doesn’t have much feeling in its neck to pull too many more of them off.

ItsTheReal already lampooned it and the rest of you don’t care if it ever sees the light of day. When the 20 second clip dropped, Gotty™ said he’ll believe the date’s validity on April 19th to be exact while J. Tinsley simply felt he was implying that 4.20.15 was the actual calendar spot we were not anticipating.

The main cause for concern in this case should be how the album isn’t convincingly completed. Yeah, shifting to more relevant commercial singles is to be expected for a project with multiple delays, but if you don’t have the core outline of the album set in stone after close to a billion hours of studio time over the past decade, how strong do you really expect the finished product to be?

I’m going to side with my good chum Archie and second the motion that Dre shut down all operations on Detox save for a fire sale on all the beats. In an era where great albums are getting mistaken for legendary bodies of work due to a ho-hum climate, Dre’s presumably solid album could very well be mistaken for an utter and complete failure because it doesn’t make you jump and touch a star due to euphoria.

Whatever. The entire f*ckery just gives us something to look forward to in Twenty Fifteen, now don’t it?

Dr. Dre’s Detox Not Due April 20, Rep Says [MTV]

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