Off-Season Laziness: KSK on the Blog Show!

05.07.07 10 years ago 11 Comments

Monday morning, and all the news is about basketball and baseball and, somewhere, hockey. Even golf headlines are trumping our true national pastime as the NFL briefly sinks into obscurity following the draft.

Likewise, things are quiet here at KSK’s secret headquarters high in the Andes. Drew’s recovering from a kielbasa overdose, Punter’s all bruised up from a rough outing with his mule, Christmas Ape is at the animal clinic following Jean Grey’s catnip overdose, Unsilent Majority is sneaker shopping, flubby nearly died from bourbon at the Derby this weekend, and Footsteps Falco is still dead.

That leaves me, and I’ve got my hands full with the Rottweiler mix I adopted from the animal shelter this weekend; I have to train her to attack Steelers fans while she’s young, or she’ll never learn.

So, enjoy the Blog Show. You’ll note we get our due credit for snagging those Brady Lite pictures first. U-S-A! K-S-K! K-S-K!

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