Oh Crap…Could DeSean Jackson Make The Redskins Likeable?

04.03.14 4 years ago 72 Comments

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(via Getty Image)

Last week, the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson for belonging to several very dangerous street gangs that just happen to only exist in the minds of cowardly white people. It was a shocking move because he was coming off his best season in the NFL, and because quite frankly, it made no sense. Thankfully, his unemployment ended Wednesday, as the Redskins signed him to a three-year $24 million contract with an option for a fourth year.

In certain ways, this could be a cause for celebration.  We were mercifully spared a world where Jackson’s fake gang connections lead to a prolonged lack of contract offers, which would have eventually evolved into a national story wondering how an entire league could be so stupid. Instead, he was snapped up in less than a week, and we get to once again experience the joy of living in a world where DeSean Jackson is an employed professional football player, and Richie Incognito is not.

But there could be a downside to this. What if DeSean Jackson actually makes the Redskins…you know….likeable? Hating the Washington Team Named After A Racial Slur That Also Is Owned By A Terrible Human Being is a proud American tradition with a rich cultural heritage. If the Cowboys and Patriots rank as the two most hated NFL franchises, the Skins would undoubtedly be third, and easily earn the honor of Most Loathsome Team That Is Also Grossly Incompetent (sorry, Raiders).

But having Jackson on the team could completely screw all of that up. The mere fact that they signed him is pretty cool considering the aforementioned concerns about what might happen if no one picked him up. But more importantly, this team is going to be ridiculously fun to watch. RG3 and D-Jax on the same fucking team? Who doesn’t want to see that!

We previously encountered this phenomenon in 2012, when RG3 had his ridiculously entertaining rookie season, and hating the Redskins pretty much meant you hated fun. But last year, there was a nice correction in the opposite direction. RG3 struggled with injury problems and was significantly less fun to watch, and the rest of the team crumbled along with him. From there, we could all sit back and enjoy Dan Snyder’s karmic retribution as the team vomited there way to 3-13 finish without a draft pick to show for it.

But now? This could be the most freakishly enjoyable team in the league. Washington’s receiving corp has been terribly weak for RG3’s first two seasons, so Jackson will be the most dangerous weapon he’s ever had. Think of Jackson’s rookie season in 2008, when he was unlike anything we had ever seen, and was easily the most entertaining rookie in the league. Now, think of RG3’s rookie season, when he was pretty much all of those things, too. Now try to picture what it would be like to watch them play together, and tell me you aren’t going to enjoy watching that team.

Of course, this might not be a problem – the Redskins could end up being terrible again anyway. RG3 could continue to struggle with injuries, or Jay Gruden could wind up having no clue how to coach a professional football team, and fail to fnd creative ways to use Jackson in the Redskins system. Still, the off-the-charts potential of the RG3-D-Jax combination cannot be denied. This could prove to be the league’s most unstoppable – and wildly fun to watch – tandem, and for the second time in three years, football fans will be faced with the horror of rooting for a football team owned by Daniel Snyder. And no one wants that.


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