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11.30.09 5 Comments

65 Media recently redesigned Jim Carrey’s official website, and holy hell did it get odd.  I am not enough of a computer geek to understand these “immersive web experiences” or whatever the people with dry-clean-only clothes call it before eating the biscuit.

I guess this is that Web 3.0 all the kids are jiving about, but it just leaves me confused.  What’s it all mean?  How’s this thing work, Ethel?  ETHEL!  Oh, right, she died in ’92.  Have you ever noticed all calculator buttons are too small now?  And what’s the deal with shoes? My imaginary grandchildren never call.  My eleven prescriptions per month should be free, but you whippersnappers will get your one $35 rescue inhaler per year covered when you pry it out of my cold dead vulture hands! I’m going to go watch Monk.  And I vote.

UPDATE:  It’s like CBS read my mind.  They just put a new Andy Rooney clip up:

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