Oh Hey, It’s That Family From The Dead Island Reverse Trailer

09.07.11 6 years ago

Club Med approved!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been up for most of the night crying at old yearbook photographs hacking up the undead inhabitants of Banoi in Techland’s brand new title Dead Island. And yet slicing all these zombies into bite-sized pieces eventually makes one start to wonder, “Hey, whatever happened to that nice family from the very first Dead Island trailer?” You know what I’m talking about: that sad piano footage where the girl flies through the window in reverse? Well, prepare to have your geek boner stroked, because within the opening chapter of the Dead Island video game, if the player so chooses, you can saunter your way down hotel hallways until you eventually discover the very room where our family had checked in.

As the fine folks over at Kotaku have pointed out, there are some inconsistencies with the actual in-game discovery and the picture painted from that original trailer. It’s a fun Easter egg during gameplay, though there’s no real payoff or secret achievement associated with finding the room.

Video after the jump with the original Dead Island trailer, including a slight reedit to show the discovery of the in-game room. Pseudo spoiler ahead, ye matey. You’ve be warned.

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