Ohio Cements Their LeBron James Hatred In State Legislation, Makes Mavericks Honorary Ohioans

06.13.11 6 years ago 23 Comments

All day I have been doing my best to avoid sports talk radio, columns, ESPN or any other outlet geared towards what happened last night. Like a drug addict vowing to kick the habit for the final time, however, I’m in too deep and couldn’t resist temptation regardless of my efforts. I knew what today had in store and for the most part, it is what I expected.

— “LeBron just isn’t built for this.”

— “Miami overachieved all year.”

— “Finally, we can put those Jordan comparisons away now.”

There’s more, but you get the point. And while all may be true in some sense, none of that really shocked me. I credit the self-counseling I walked myself through during the third and fourth quarters of Game 6. Outside of the city of Dallas, no one area is more ecstatic over last night’s victory than Cleveland, better yet the state of Ohio. Hatred and bitterness knows no expiration date, but this next sentence may up the ante to historic animosity. Governor John Kasich issued a resolution “honoring the champions on a successful season and declared members of the team and their fans to be “Honorary Ohioans.”

“Honorary Ohioans?” What the 747 flying f*ck? Really? For months, I have known and even openly embraced “The Decision” being the NBA equivalent to Hulk Hogan turning nWo. Now, the disdain is spanning far beyond sports and we appear to be reaching unprecedented levels. LeBron James, from his own actions multiplied with the media attention on every step he takes, is the most hated man in pop culture.

I’ll refrain from going on and on because what is understood does not need the energy of any additional words, but the next question is an honest one. At this point, are actions like these testaments to how much Ohio hates LeBron, or how much they still love and miss him?

To see the resolution in its entirety, click here.

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