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People forget that it snows in December. Anyone who’s tuned in to a NFL tv game this morning is being treated to the best visual treat there is: Snow Football. Its a American tradition to play football in whatever conditions Father Nature throws at you which is why Goodell rightfully faced such an backlash (no offense) earlier this year for delaying a game do to “lightning” storms.

Right now in Philly theres so much snow that it would almost be negligant of Chip Kelly to not run the kick return play where Riley Cooper hides on the ground to blend in with his surroundings.

Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints

I’m really looking forward to this exact type of situation at the Superbowl in New York to the point where its basically a Mystery, Alaska situation where there arent even any fans and its just the fellas playing backyard football for the love of the game calling your own fouls etc.

The snows been so heavy in Philly that theres plays where you can’t even see the play happening you just hear the pads hitting and have to assume what happened based on the sounds effects coming from padlevel contact which is basically how Jeff Triplette does it anyways.

Here are the other things everyone loves about snow football:

  • Offense and Defense of linemen going sleeveless
  • Fumbles (there are already like 5 in the Lions/Eagles game)
  • Fans get to throw snowballs at refs, players who slacking, other fans, and Santa
  • Field goals are basicaly chaos
  • Desean Jackson trying to snort the entire field of play
  • Shirtless fans demonstrating commitment
  • Fox has new technology where they superimpose the yd line markers and BAC of defensive players like a video game

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