On Camo Caps & New York Hat Co.

04.19.11 6 years ago 16 Comments

Photo: N. Joseph

Much like the Peanuts character Linus’ blanket, woodland camo five panels form part of my comfort zone and have become a staple of my daily uniform for well over half a decade. Looking for me at a show or any event we’re hosting? Search for tall Black guy in the camo cap and bet $5 you’ve found Gotty™.

So when I found out two months ago that Rothco ceased manufacturing them, a mad mad scramble began to buy any leftover stock in bulk. Emails sent. Calls made. Orders placed and canceled by stores when they realized their web portals showed outdated quantities. I think I even called a few militia groups to see if they had any to spare. Most inquiries were met with either short answers or flat-out rudeness (I’m talking to you, Rothco).

And the work only netted me six hats in total. Not enough to last longer than a year maybe.

Then Teef, my reluctant yet dutiful assistant in searching, inadvertently reminded me to check with a different manufacturer, New York Hat Co. I’ve dealt with them before and had great results so I’m almost embarrassed to say I didn’t think of them initially. Three emails, one phone call and two business days later = a nice box courtesy of the UPS guy.

And with one transaction, my cap supply increased by one dozen. Even more, I was treated to the best customer service anyone could ever ask for, courtesy of Jennifer at NYHCo. Thanks to her and the company, I can be found in any crowd for days and days to come.

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