XXL’s Forgotten Freshman: Chocolate Drop

03.14.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

In a weird sense, the comedy game runs parallel to the rap game. Stand up specials and/or movies are albums. Commercials, endorsements and being a guest on talk shows roughly equate to features. And random YouTube footage such as this are comparable to mixtapes seeing as how they are both free and both meant to keep said entertainer’s name buzzing until the next “album.”

Cedric The Entertainer once said in The Kings Of Comedy there was no chance in hell he would call another man “Delicious.” I agree, which is the exact reason I’m not thrilled typing “Chocolate Drop,” but whatever. My sense of humor allows me to laugh at a lot of stuff (including this) which occasionally leaves me in a bind. You ever show someone something you thought was hilarious only to see them keep the stone face the entire time? Yeah, me neither.

Follow the up-and-coming rapper as he drops “real rap raw” on “nut ass rappers” everywhere from backstage at a kid’s concert, to the airport and even the actual plane – where he sits “first coach.” This takes me back to college when a really good friend of mine used to do the exact same type of stuff while we were all faded. In public and all. Only difference was, he was completely sober, which made it that much funnier. Those were the days.

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