On The Seventh Night, God Created This

09.20.10 7 years ago 103 Comments

Let’s all thank Brandon Jacobs for having the good sense to toss his helmet into the stands. Had he not, we may never have discovered the stunning creature seen above. And we certainly never would have seen her making this particular face. Continue after the jump for the first of what will likely be many photoshops, this one from reader 12-Man Football.

Elsewhere in the NFL…

-Braylon Edwards did the Dougie.
-Clinton Portis proved once again that he is the best blocking back in the league, even if he only averages 3 yards per carry.
-Rolando McClain mastered the art of the suplex.
-Brett Favre eschewed his beloved Wranglers for some fancy city boy denim.
-Gary Kubiak totally iced the Redskins. Because he’s a dick, you see.

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